Design and construction of wooden houses, wooden houses are made of pine and spruce

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Architectural and Construction Company Ltd. “The project of MANAGEMENT GROUP” offers comprehensive services proektirovanie and construction of wooden houses made of wood with a key. Fabrication and installation of wooden houses from glued or log (pine, spruce). Construction of wooden houses in Kiev and Kiev region is growing rapidly, as, environmentally friendly house of the forest is quite favorable for human habitation, to live in a wooden house can be year-round, full infrastructure replaces an apartment in the city. Design and construction of wooden houses one of the leading areas of our work. After ordering the project and construction customers (consumers) expect to get comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly house made of wood. Chopped houses from glued beams (type of wood pine or spruce) best meet the above criteria, efficiency, environmental friendliness and comfort. Modern designs of wooden houses as well as projects with the use of brick or foam combines maximum comfort and functionality, making life fun. The cost of construction of wooden houses from glued beams for klyuch.Na Today, our company given the current demands of the consumer demand is ready to offer every customer the highest level of work culture, quality service and maximum quality of wooden houses, houses from glued or log. We will carry out for you and qualified design and quality construction of laminated veneer lumber or log (tree species pine or spruce) – Wooden Houses made of beams TURNKEY! The house made of logs (timber). You often hear this phrase as round logs. What is it? Round logs is a sleek and smooth trunks of the trees (the most commonly used pine), which are processed by a special liquid. This treatment is done in order to reduce the threat of fire, as well as the emergence and proliferation of various parasites and fungi. Ready Round logs are basically trunks of coniferous trees (pine, spruce, Smereka, larch), whose diameter is about 240 mm. In the logs made the holes in the building that houses lying close to each other. When building a house made of logs you can not engage in painting the walls, as the house after construction will look great thanks to the structure of logs. Also, it will be warm enough, because between the logs laid material to seal. Wooden houses, and the highest level of quality – the house of the glued under the key! Ordering with us, wooden houses from glued beams, cylindrical timber – log you can count on strict adherence to the period of construction and performance of warranty obligations, and maximum comfort. After all, the projects of wooden houses, designed by our architects – these are projects with sections of heating, water supply, sewerage and electricity. Why is the construction of wooden houses and the public deserve your attention? Why wooden houses are so popular in Ukraine and abroad? First of all – it’s fast and profitable. At the construction site only build structures made of corrugated timber, which greatly reduces the time of its erection. Wooden houses do not require massive foundations and floor slabs, which reduces the direct costs of stroitelstvo.Vo Secondly, wooden house – it’s comfortable. Modern wooden house provides the most convenient organization of interior space, includes all utilities. And finally, in the third – an investment in your health and well-being of your loved ones. After all, the project does not involve the use of construction chemicals, which is replete with concrete, gypsum blocks and other high-tech materials wood.. How safe at home? Often it is associated with a significant risk of fire. We are happy to refute a common misconception. The fact that modern wooden houses and cottages are built on technology that eliminates the possibility of ignition of the wall material. This effect is made possible by the use of fire for the impregnation of wood, and special treatment of her during the making kits. Drugs for treatment of wood produced in an environmentally friendly komponentov. Derevyannye houses from glued beams. Glued laminated timber is a well-dried and processed pieces of logs, which are then glued together special kinds of glue. Glued laminated timber is made so that the thickness and the shape was almost perfectly flat. Therefore, it is popular in the construction of houses. The walls of your home, made of laminated veneer lumber, will be immediately after the flat and smooth, nice color. House of laminated veneer lumber will last you long enough, it will not pass water and heat. You can enjoy a cool summer and warm in winter. House of laminated veneer lumber will be for you an excellent acquisition.

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